How To Use Whey Protein For Weight Gain & To Build Muscles

How to use whey protein to gain weight? How to use protein powder to gain muscle? How to take whey protein with water or milk?

Whey protein is considered to be the pinnacle of all proteins. It is quickly and readily digested protein (fast-acting) by the human body. It contains all essential amino acids (EAAs), including the three branched-chain amino acids. It is available in a number of different forms e.g. milk, but Whey protein isolates is the purest and fastest-acting form.

Why do you need whey protein?

Protein, more precisely amino acids, are essential nutrients for body building. They are essential to build the muscles. They are also a key factor for burning the fat.

Whey protein is quickly and readily digested protein (fast-acting) that can supply amino acid so quickly when they needed to repair the muscles or to build the muscles.

When do I take whey protein?

Post workout is the most obvious & important time to consume whey protein powder because this is the time when your muscles need it most. One should take the high quality whey protein right after the workout preferably within 30 minutes post-workout. Many sports athletes and peoples who go to gym use these product to fulfil requirements of body.

Pre workout is the another most important time to take the whey protein. One should take the high quality whey protein around 1/2-1 hour before the workout. This becomes of paramount importance when we do workout in the morning.

How much whey protein do you need?

Pre workout : Before workout, take about 10-20 grams of high quality whey protein to prevent muscle breakdown and, to enhance muscle stamina & endurance .

Post workout : After workout, take about 20-40 grams of high quality whey protein to speed up muscle recovery and boost muscular protein synthesis.

How to I take whey protein? Whey protein in Milk Or in Water?

This question have no absolute answer. There are no. of factors which determines whether you take it with water or milk.

1. Body reaction or sensitivity to dairy products: If you can’t tolerate dairy products, must go with water.

2. Goal you want to achieve

  • Mixing whey protein with milk is the best option if you’re trying to gain weight and muscle mass.
  • Mixing whey protein with water is the best option if you want to lose weight or build lean muscles.

However, Bulking or cutting depends more on amount of calories you are taking. If you consider calculating the calories from your ‘whey in milk’ and you are still in deficit, you will still get ‘cut’.

3. Timing to take whey

If you take it after workout, it is better to take it with milk. Since milk have 80% casein, whey in milk will create a protein blend which can provide fast as well as slow protein for longer time. Some studies show that protein blends are better than very fast or very slow releasing proteins. 

If you take it before workout, it is better to take it with water.

4. Taste

This varies from person to person. Some may experience great taste with water. Usually, mixing up your protein with milk will usually taste a lot better than with water.


Choose on your level whether you want to take it with water or with milk. There is no problem with both of them. You can take your whey protein with both, milk & water.

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