Apples : Health benefits, Nutrition facts & information

Apples : Health benefits, Nutrition facts & information

Scientific name : Malus domestica
Hindi name : Seb (Sev)
Find Out : Why should we eat an Apple a day ?

Health benefits

What health benefits are associated with eating apples?
Apple has amazingly huge health benefits. Let’s take a look at the possible health benefits of apples :
1. Improving neurological health & preventing dementia

  • Apple contains abundant amount of antioxidant Quercetin (flavonoid) that helps to reduce cellular death that is caused by oxidation and inflammation of neurons.
  • The researchers found that including apples in your daily diet may protect neuron cells against oxidative stress-induced neurotoxicity and may play an important role in reducing the risk of neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Apple may increase the production in the brain of the essential neurotransmitter acetylcholine, resulting in improved memory among mice who have Alzheimer’s-like symptoms.

2. Reducing your risk of stroke

  • The researchers concluded that the intake of apple is related to a decreased risk of thrombotic stroke

3. Reducing chances of heart disease

  • Apple diminishes chances of heart disease by lowering levels of bad cholesterol

4. Reducing your risk of diabetes

  • Apples have polyphenols which are directly linked to reducing the uptake of carbohydrates by the body.
  • A study found that people who ate three servings per week of apples, grapes, raisins, blueberries or pears had a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes compared to those who did not.

5. Helps to get rid of Obesity
6. Aids digestion

  • Apples, being rich in fiber, help in the digestive process. Regular consumption of apples ensures smooth bowel movements and helps in preventing constipation and various stomach disorders.
  • Apples specifically help improve the functioning of the bacteria living inside of our large intestine, and early studies show that apples change the metabolism within the digestive tract, and change the balance of bacteria, which leads to improved health by maximizing nutrient uptake and eliminating harmful bacteria and toxins.

7. Cancer Prevention particularly warding off breast cancer

  • Apple contains high phytonutrient content, including kaempferol and quercetin thus, have shown moderate improvement in various types of cancer, particularly breast and colon cancer, lung cancer.

8. Anemia prevention

  • Apples are useful in treating anemia since apples are a rich source of iron.

9. Anti-inflammatory action

  • Apple contain flavonoid compounds like kaempferol, quercetin, myricetin  that have been linked to reducing rheumatoid conditions, and inflammatory conditions like arthritis and gout.

10. Improving eyesight

  • Apples are rich in flavonoid compounds and antioxidant phytonutrients, which can reduce the impact of free radicals on the eyes, while preventing conditions like macular degeneration, cataracts, and glaucoma; make the eyes stronger and improve eyesight.

11. Skin Care

  • Apples contains antioxidants like Vitamin C that counteract the damaging effects of free radicals that are directly linked to premature aging, as well as wrinkles, age spots, and other age-related conditions.
  • Its boosting effect on circulation also helps keep the skin looking young by keeping blood flow constant to stimulate the replacement of old cells and the repair of damaged ones!

Nutrition facts & information

Apple (nutritional powerhouse) contain the following important nutrients:

  • Antioxidants like Vitamin C
  • Vitamin K
  • B-complex vitamins (riboflavin, thiamin, and vitamin B-6) –
  • Dietary fiber
  • Phytonutrients & flavonoids e.g. polyphenolic compounds like quercetin, epicatechin, phloridzin, and procyanidin B2
  • Minerals such as calcium, potassium, phosphorus, copper, manganese, and magnesium

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”
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